Discover our region

The Jura is a magnificent French region which you must absolutely discover.

It can be divided in 4 zones:

Dolois country and Bresse part of the Jura between 200 and 400 m in altitude

The historical heart of the country, two steps from Burgundy…

the Bresse region, south of the town of Dole is the most typical and coloured region of the Jura. The green colour of the forests, the blue of the lakes, the golden reflections during harvesting, the ochre of the vineyards during autumn time will warm your hearts. To the east, small roads coming from the old capital city will accompany you to the majestic forest of Chaux. The calmness of the waters of the Doubs river alongside the forest confers to the Val d’Amour its unique character, richly narrated by the author Marcel Aymé.

Vineyards and Revermont between 200 and 500 m in altitude

The land of castles, wine and gastronomy…

If you appreciate walking and visiting small Franc-Comtois villages made of old stones, enjoying good wine and delicious food in typical local restaurants, then the land of Revermont is for you. From north to south the scenery of the vineyards changes as the seasons comes and goes, these vineyards produces our typical wines from the Jura.

The region of lakes and small mountains between 400 and 800 m altitude

Where water plays and sculptures the rocks…

10 000 years ago, the ice melted to form numerous cavities filled with water, and sources and lakes appeared. The water reaches a temperature of more than 25° in summer time and today these offers very attractive sites for swimming, sailing, fishing and just for enjoying freshness during the hot season.

On the other side of the Vouglans lake, the small mountains will also charm you with its savage but well preserved nature, its villages with a traditional architecture and numerous Roman churches.

The Upper part of the Jura between 700 and 1500 m altitude

A generous and attaching countryside…

When one evokes the upper region of the Jura, one thinks of the strong and vast landscapes, dense green forests, pure and white snow in winter, freshness of the torrents, different scents of the underground of the forests, diversity of our savoir-faire, the richness of the craft industry, the generosity of the people, the varieties of the faun and flora, the beauty of the lakes, the breathtaking views of the Jura, the vast hiking possibilities and discovery walks,… Thinking of the Jura is to dream of various possibilities of escaping our tumultuous everyday lives in pure nature.

Some sites to visit

The Jura is a region formed and moulded by the action of water on a calcareous soil, because of the great number of waterfalls. Baume-Les-Messieurs is a major spectacular site well-known in Franche-Comté. The village itself and its abbey are said to be “imperial” with a mysterious beauty. Formed by 3 valleys with 200 meters high surrounding slopes, this natural site is abundant in geological treasures. For example, the famous waterfalls have inspired more than one film directors. This site is approximately 10 minutes form our vineyard.

The Cascades du Hérisson (Hedgehog waterfalls) is an exceptional panorama of waterfalls, torrents, caves basins, watermills. The most famous one is l’Eventail and the Grand Saut plunging down on 60 meters. A walk on a 3,5 km path will reveal all the beauty of the area and is accessible for a promenade for all the family. It is situated 25 minutes from our village.

Saline of Salins-Les-Bains....  Walk around the small alleys and avenues of Salins-Les-Bains and discover a rich and surprising patrimony. This town is composed of 20 historical monuments like the Grand Saline, and has been recognised as one of the worldwide patrimony of Unesco, together with the royal saline of Arc and Senans, a thermal village where the virtues of the salted waters are well known worldwide. Yet again about 25 minutes from us.

Franche-Comté has inherited of a strong historical tendency towards independence and a multitude of fortified towns still testifies of ancient battles and strategic stakes. Dole is a perfect example, with numerous castles and historical villages still standing, medieval abbeys and ruins of roman churches, with even some traces of dinosaurs. The Château du Pin is situated at 5 minutes from our vineyard.

The old time glaciers covering in ancient times the Jura mountains have left us a heritage of about 70 lakes, the temperature of the water climbing up to 25° in summer. These lakes are perfect sites for swimming and nautical sport activities, even cruising. The longest lake is the Vouglans, with 3 harbours and several sandy beaches. About 20 minutes from our house.

The Jura is a region with smooth and gradual mountains, full of farms and small villages scattered around. In winter, the subtle alternative between the plateaus and forests are ideal for cross-country, hiking, skiing, sleigh rides with dogs and of course just walking in nature, like around the Rousses skiing station. It is situated at 55 minutes from us.